Clothes: A practical covering or an expression of self?

From left clockwise: Archaeological Katy, Travelling Katy, Chilling at home Katy

My relationship with clothes has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. As a kid, I tended to dress as directed by my dear mother, which meant a lot of eczema-friendly fabrics and practical choices. This probably explains something of my love for jeans and, until recently, disdain for skirts.

Nowadays my interest in styles, trends and fashion has increased ridiculously since university and I love the chance to dress up. However, I accept that fashion is not always the correct way forward so I’ve retained my ‘practical wardrobe’. You can see this so flattering modelled by ‘Archaeological Katy’ in my hoodie, t-shirt and cap. Style really doesn’t come into it on an excavation site. In comparison, any other life situation allows me to have fun with what I’m wearing. Whether that is a tunic and leggings for chilling around the house or jeans, top and necklace for travelling, my choice of clothes is one way of expressing myself. From my gothic days when I just want to be different to the crowd through to wearing breton stripes for a touch of class, my clothes always say a little about me. (Even when I’m chilling in trackies, a.k.a lazy Katy.)

However, clothing will always first and foremost be a practical, modest covering. But if we have to wear it, we may as well have fun with it!

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