Celebrating Volunteers at Warminster Red Cross

Along with family and friends, I spent the evening of Tuesday 19th in Warminster’s Red Cross shop to celebrate three volunteers receiving commendations for their work. Adrian, Chris and Steff are all regular volunteers whose having been helping at the shop for varying periods. Before the actual presentation began, our managers, Jane and Emma plied everyone with hot drinks and cake. After a few minutes of everyone mingling the presentation began. 

Steff, also known my little sister, was the first to receive her Certificate of Commendation for being ‘a reliable member of the Team… consistently [making] substantial contributions to Saturday mornings by building an excellent affinity with teenagers and young adult customers.’ Emma continued to praise Steff’s commitment, stating how Steff had become an asset to the shop team. In addition to this, Steff is something of an addict and repeatedly goes beyond her Saturday morning volunteer role (something I can sympathise with). For example, during the school holidays she can be regularly found at the shop volunteering rather than watching television. (Then again, now that I’ve been volunteering for a while I do exactly the same.)

She was followed by Chris, another of the increasing number of young volunteers, who had been in the Red Cross shop for a year. Originally volunteering in order to improve his C.V., Chris is now a trusted team member, who had the unfortunate luxury of being my mentor. Praised for his patience and ability in mentoring new volunteers as well as fulfilling the unofficial role of IT support, Chris received his much deserved Certificate of Commendation as the Warminster Branch’s Lead Volunteer. 

The final of our three volunteers to receive their awards was Adrian, who has being volunteering while he recovered from a stroke. A regular fixture around the town centre, known for his love of singing and smiley demeanour whatever the weather, Adrian is a valued member of the Red Cross shop team. Volunteering three days a week, many people will not have realised that Adrian has been in the Red Cross for the last five years as he steams the clothes before they are considered fit for the shop floor.(Yes, charity shops do actually clean the clothes before putting them on the shop floor!!!) Described as ‘happy, enthusiastic and totally reliable’, Adrian deserved his British Red Cross Badge of Honour for the many hours of work he has put in, and for always making the sorting room a cheerful place to be.

The fabulous three with their awards and managers
(Particularly proud of the smiley blonde)

After the photographs had been taken and the awards presented, chatter and cakes resumed with more cups of tea, coffee and squash being offered. However, as charity shop addicts, cake was not the first thing on the minds of my sister and myself (which doesn’t happen very often). So we spent the next half hour picking out some of our favourite items from the current stock to share with you, when we weren’t mingling. Rummaging through the rails of Encore and party dresses,including a few Gatsby-esque delights, without worrying about customers. Admittedly we did both have the excellent advantage of knowing the shop layout but it was still loads of fun… not to mention that I may try and talk the managers in to more ‘exclusive shopping experiences’. 

Cheeky Lace Top (Encore)
Studded Eagle Jumper (Encore)

Black Trapeze Top (Encore)

Dog head(?) Pattern Jumper (Encore)
Steff has a thing about Alpine style hats
Party time! Bandeau prom dress

Sheer black shirt (Encore)
(Untraditional) Red Breton Top (Encore)
Wonderful Burgundy Knit <3 (Encore)
Aztec Tunic (Encore)

Gatsby Glamour? Magenta 20s Tunic
Couldn’t resist trying it on. More Gatsby Glamour. £12… can I justify it?

Peplum Floral Top/Tunic (Encore) 
Baseball-style Star Jumper (Encore)

I couldn’t resist taking my camera in on my next voluntary shift…

Gorgeous Waistcoat as Eveningwear
Zara Rose Top… something of a vintage feel
I love the jade colour of this satin top!
And of course I had to take pictures of the jewellery on sale…

This is my favourite task… displaying my precious the necklaces

Green and delicate. Ideal to wear with a simple v-neck

So kitsch yet so British. <3
Not normally a fan of over ornate crosses but this one is so pretty

“Totally Dude”… why not wear a necklace starring such a cutie?

Of course my manager got in on the photo action. Our shop expert on all things vintage, she insisted on trying this coat when I found it to photo.

Now you’ve seen the wonders available at my favourite charity shop (and we’re just in a small rural town), get yourself out on to your high street and start charity shopping. It’s time to begin the #rummagerevolution!

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