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Freebie Fashion… Proving a tacky tourist t-shirt can work

Stonehenge est. 3,000 BC t-shirt: end of stock but similar are available at the Stonehenge Visitor CentreCardigan: New LookBelt: Marks and SpencerSkirt: Red CrossLeggings: New Look Getting so desperate for a decent photo I used the mirror!Necklaces: Variety of gifts, places, etc. Once again I need to ask forgiveness for the awfulness of these photos.… Read More

Celebrating Volunteers at Warminster Red Cross

Along with family and friends, I spent the evening of Tuesday 19th in Warminster’s Red Cross shop to celebrate three volunteers receiving commendations for their work. Adrian, Chris and Steff are all regular volunteers whose having been helping at the shop for varying periods. Before the actual presentation began, our managers, Jane and Emma plied… Read More