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Review: Crobar*

Back in December, during an unusually productive period I think they call the Christmas holidays, I discovered an incredible opportunity. So I applied. After all, what is a blogger to do when faced with a great opportunity? And guess what! I was accepted to review the latest addition to the free-from health food section, Crobars!… Read More

Review: August and After at Cecil’s*

Do you remember my DIY post on in aid of a costume for a Game of Thrones party? Or that awful fancy dress outfit for Fee’s 60s birthday party? Well, it turns out that dear Fee is a somewhat well connected lady.  She was kind enough to introduce me to Ned Mortimer and Jordan Bergmans,… Read More

April Praise Post

So April was meant to be a quiet month… I really need to get better at keeping my promises to myself. Between Easter, family, youth work and the blog, I still feel rushed off my feet. However, I have been managing to turn my light out at 11pm. So one small success.Despite my moaning, April… Read More