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Clashing Stripes

| Jeans and Top: British Red Cross || Cardigan: Cambridge Vintage Fair || Belt: Handmedown || Necklace: Gift || Wristband: Forgotten || Shoes: Clarks (mens) | Last weekend was a little on the hectic side but I still found time to get a couple of photos in. I loved the way the blue stands out… Read More

Am I eccentric or just a poser?

| Bowler hat: Gift from my sister || Coat: Gift from Anna || Snood: Old Christmas present || Jeans: Dorothy Perkins || Trainers: British Red Cross || Top: Oasis || Shrug: Handmedown || Necklace: Gift || Earrings: New Look | I love hats! But not your normal run of the mill wooly beanie, often accompanied… Read More

Style evolution

Since I started Counter-Cultural. Counter-Couture, my style has evolved yet stayed the same. So I thought I would share a selection of outfits, both from previous posts and off-blog events. Starting off with my last History Society ball of University through to my final picture of long hair, I hope you enjoy seeing tge transition… Read More