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Top 5 Instagramers || Fashion

Okay, so when I say my top five Instagram feeds for fashion, you can probably guess I’m not talking exclusively high-end or even high street. If my past outfit posts are anything to go by, my wardrobe is a little bit on the eclectic side of life with a little bit of everything in it…… Read More

CounterCultural? Huh?

A random picture of a fountain from my trip to Belgium…Just because… I first came across the term ‘countercultural’ during the Keswick Convention. I was probably 16 or 17 at the time- where did the time go?- but the phrase has stuck with me ever since. For me, it summed up everything about living as… Read More

A Desperate Exhibitionist?

Most girls in this stage are desperate exhibitionists and deeply competitive. Their individuality must be protected at all costs… Bartley, L., Luella’s Guide to English Style, HarperCollins Publishers (2010), p.28 Thus one of the top names in British fashion describes the English girl in her 20s, as she discovers herself outside of education and parental… Read More