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Swinging Sixities Shindig

Dress: Handmedown (New Look)Socks: AmazonHeels: New Look (now semi-destryoyed from mud) 12 August was a busy day for me. I had a flying trip to the Salisbury and South Wilts Museum open day for Our History Our Heritage before flying off by train to Cambridgeshire for Fee and Clare’s joint birthday bash. With its swinging sixties… Read More

D.I.Y Fashion: Dragon Wings

Placing this particular D.I.Y.project within the fashion sphere is stretching a point, but it fits better than placing dragon wings within beauty or lifestyle. This particular project started back in January when I received an invite via Facebook to attend a Game of Thrones themed party. And as it was Fee, who has blogged for… Read More

D.I.Y. Lifestyle: Customised Pinboard

So who else is a fan of Pinterest? Ever since my best friend and fellow social media addict, Catherine, introduced me to it, I haven’t been able to get enough of pinning my way through my various obsessions interests. But while I’m organising my inner geek and fashionista simultaneously online, my life offline has been… Read More