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Review: Purity is Possible

Fantasy. Who doesn’t love a good fantasy? Dragons, wizards, knights and princesses? I know I do. I spent my childhood adventuring with Harry, Ron and Hermione; flying around with the Dragons of Pern; fighting side by side with Martin the Warrior.  As I got older, I was still in love with fantasy worlds but they… Read More

Getting back to God

If you read one or two posts from September (like this one), you may have noticed that summer was not the smoothest ride for me. Since then, I have been really struggling to get back to a place where I am able to be weak before God. Whether I have been relying too much on… Read More

CounterCultural? Huh?

A random picture of a fountain from my trip to Belgium…Just because… I first came across the term ‘countercultural’ during the Keswick Convention. I was probably 16 or 17 at the time- where did the time go?- but the phrase has stuck with me ever since. For me, it summed up everything about living as… Read More

Biblical Inspiration: Luke 10 v38-42

This month’s Bible Inspiration is a bit of a cheat. However, I wanted to share this video because everytime I watch it I am challenged. How often do we focus on ‘doing’ or ‘being’? For the past couple of years, ‘doing’ and ‘being’ have become buzzwords as we become obsessed with being in the presence… Read More