Bumbling around Frome Independent with Mum

I am growing to love the first Sunday of every month. I love every Sunday anyway, so long as I’m not working, due to my lovely church and the English breakfast they cook up each week. However, the first Sunday is special as Mum and I have taken to driving over to Frome each month. Why Frome you ask? Surely it’s just a small rural town filled with a few independent shops. Well, if you remember back to my birthday (here), we visited Frome Independent, the monthly massive market. Mum suggested we visit it again for the October market and we’re now hooked, already planning our November and December trips.

I think the bit I like the most about Frome Independent is that it isn’t stereotypically rural. In fact, it’s as far remove from the Vicar of Dibley as a rural town could be. I feel at home, in the rural town that isn’t completely rural. I suppose it’s hardly a surprise when I live in Doc Martens, love trilbies and fedoras, and am figuring out how to style my blanket scarf. Not exactly the style of a simple rural lass, in her jeans and rugby shirts or hoodies.

Top: Next // Cardigan: New Look // Jeans: Dorothy Perkins //
Shoes: Doc Martens (via Amazon) // Bag: British Red Cross

My outfit was actually my second change of the day but I didn’t think that a short dress and wedges (my church outfit) was exactly practical for market roaming. I also hadn’t realised how cold it was so switched to an outfit that screamed Autumn!!! Longsleeved top and chunky knit cardigan kept me cosy and my DMs are perfect for covering ground and keeping warm. And no shopping outfit is complete without a bag and I love cross body ones. This black one is a favourite (having appeared here and here) and allowed me to go hands-free while eating potatoes and drinking cider.

All in all, a fantastic afternoon. Even better, it finally forced me to unwrap my knits and start layering. The perfect way to welcome in autumn.


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