#BlogClub: My Very First One

On 23 September I was one very rushed blogger. Rushing quickly from the Digging Warhorse excavation, I had just over half an hour to change out of my digging clothes and catch a train to Bristol. The reason? I was off to my first #BlogClub in Bristol.

Instagram on the move… not a good idea!
So what exactly is #BlogClub? Set up by Hayley (Bonjour Blogger) and Sophie (Saints On A Plane), the idea behind it is to provide a place for bloggers to come together, socialise and discuss blog-related issues. Oh, and eat lots of cake, skittles and pizza. That is providing you’re not on #SugarFreeSeptember (sad times). Living out in the middle of rural nowhere, but with a direct train line to Bristol, I jumped at the chance to meet other bloggers and to learn a little bit more.

For this particular #BlogClub, we were being kindly hosted and fed by Trunki at Trunki Towers HQ, a converted chapel in central Bristol. Though the official arrival time was 7pm, there was a half hour period of socialising and networking. You shouldn’t expect anything else from bloggers though. Unfortunately I missed out on this first bit. Not only did my train arrive in Bristol at 7pm; I then took the wrong turn at a roundabout, resulting in a fifteen minute detour and arriving at 7.30pm. Oooops! Cue massive rabbit in the headlights moment as I turned up to see every chair in the circle taken and feeling somewhat embarrassed/shy about being unfashionably late. Fortunately Hayley noticed me and came over to say hi before introducing me to Emily from Mermaid Gossip.

Trunki’s iconic ride-on suitcases

Fairly soon afterwards, Hayley and Sophie began the main part of the evening by introducing us all to Charlotte (Black Heart Creatives), Fritha (Tigerlilly Quinn) and Mel (Trunki). Both Charlotte and Fritha run their own businesses as well as being bloggers while Mel works with bloggers for Trunki. Though I forgot to take any notes to refer back to, I did learn a lot about how I could improve my own blog and make it more accessible for brands. I can’t state how much I admire Charlotte and Fritha for being able to run a business as well as blogs. I can imagine both require complete attention, which I don’t envy them at all. Mel then took her turn to chat with us about how Trunki works with bloggers to promote their brand. This was the part I found the most useful as it introduced to various ideas that I hadn’t come across before. For example, I’ve now added media kit to my ever-expanding list of things to do. And I’m also trying to figure out Google Analytics as a result.

It’s a rainbow! Trunki have expanded beyond the suitcase.

After we had heard from all three, the chatter started again and I was able to chat with a few other bloggers. I did enjoy the look of shock on the faces of those who asked where I came from. Apparently taking an hour’s train ride from the rural countryside to meet other bloggers is crazy! We were also able to try out the escape chute, which is essentially a slide from their top floor to first floor. A slide in an office! I think we were all wishing we worked there after taking a ride down. And that effectively ended the September #BlogClub and saw me walking back to Temple Meads (so much closer than Google Maps suggested) to catch the last train home.

So that was my first ever #BlogClub. Next time I hopefully won’t be such a rabbit in the headlights. Thank you Hayley and Sophie for organising it, Trunki for hosting and Charlotte, Fritha and Mel for chatting with us.

Is it awful that I sort of want one?
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