Black and Tan (with a touch of stripe)

Skirt: British Red Cross || Top: Marks&Spencer || Cardigan: Handmedown
Scarf: Streets of Bath || Tights: Can’t remember || Shoes: Doc Martens
Earrings and Necklace: Gift

I’m now two weeks into my new job and being able to choose what I wear everyday still hasn’t lost its novelty. So here is another outfit from my expanding and experimental work wardrobe. I’m still shocked at how many times I’ve worn a skirt. Currently it stands at six times, which, for any jeans-addict, is highly unusual. Admittedly, for most normal jobs this wouldn’t be too shocking but as my office is so flexible I could wear jeans everyday. So far my denim has only had one outing for work, paired with my DM boots and white shirt.
Anyway, I’ve digressed about my work wardrobe. You might realise that this is the same skirt I wore for my last OOTD. I promise I have only worn it twice in two weeks but a black A-line skirt is just too versatile not to be included in my work wardrobe.

The black top provides a great silhouette, creating a faux-LBD. It works fantastically as a basic layer for any smart daytime occasion, from lunch with the girls through to a day in the office. As it’s been a bit chilly in the office, I chose to layer my Grandma’s oversized cardigan. The neckline doesn’t match up perfectly but the stripes add the right amount of interest to the outfit. All that is needed is a rolled-up sleeve to tailor the oversized-ness to me. The perfect combination of comfortable clothes with a work-appropriate style.

What’s your work style? Are you all about the trousers and skirts or do you find a dress easiest first thing in the morning?


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