Mum, Me and Monochrome || Bristol Fashion Week SS16*

Mum, Me and Monochrome || Bristol Fashion Week SS16*
It’s that time of year again, ladies! No, not Christmas… nor Easter… nor even CC.CC’s birthday (FYI: just over a month until 2.5 years!). It’s Bristol Fashion Week Spring/Summer2016!

On a much sadder note, this is probably my last BFW before I move up to Sheffield in September. But never fear, I still went out with a bang because it was at BFW SS16 that I finally persuaded my mum to come with me.

Mum in a blue striped cardigan and patterned scarf.
Biggest bonus of my mum coming with me: driving there rather than planning for public transport. Best bonus of my mum coming with me: sharing one of my favourite fashion events with one of my favourite people. (Yes, I’m ridiculously close to my mum)


I have to admit that I wasn’t amazed by BFW this time around. Unlike their AW15 collection, I was not a huge fan of the styles on offer for SS16. The strongest offerings were from John Lewis in monochrome prints, Timberland in denim and Coast in sassy brocade. Though I’m not in a position to afford Timberland jeans (fit like a dream! I could have cried) and I have no reason to be rocking the striped dress from John Lewis or brocade two-piece from Coast, I’m definitely feeling inspired now.


Denim (Timberland)

The denim scene was all about surfing and the beach life. While I’m not exactly a surfer girl, having once got stuck in a rip tide, and my favourite beaches are along the East Anglian coast, that didn’t stop me admiring a fantastic pair of jeans. I don’t think I have ever seen a pair of jeans fit so well without being skintight. I might have even tried on a pair after the show but at £95 I couldn’t really afford them. I might have wanted to cry when I took them off but I just know that with such soft, stretchy material, I would have worn through them in less than 12 months. I’m not paying £95 for that… but I still wanted to cry.


Print Mix (John Lewis)

John Lewis Monochrom Print Mix BFW SS16

This had to be mine and Mum’s favourite scene. We both love simple colours and patterns although it is really my sister and I who are the biggest fans of monochrome fashion. The theme of this scene was a day out at Royal Ascot and that meant one thing… enormous, amazing hats! Due to the age of her daughters, my mum loves to wind us up with wedding talk and she had loads of material for that with the hats on display. But, oh they were just so pretty! However, the best part of this scene was one particular dress. Defined waist, A-line shape, simple colours, really simple but attractive pattern, this dress was just amazing. If it weren’t for the fact that I have so many dresses to choose from for my friend’s wedding in June, I would have been straight to John Lewis to hunt it out. It was just gorgeous.


Short & Sassy (Coast)

Coast Short and Sassy at Coast BFW SS16

So twin-sets have has a massive resurgence over the last two years since I graduated. From the traditional skirt/trousers and jackets through to tops and skirts, tops and shorts, jackets and tops, they have been all over the high street and fashion blogs. However, I really haven’t been a fan of them for the one reason that they have a really strong link to a particular breed of Londoner, the Sloane (basically think young Lady Di). Coast have destroyed that idea with their skirt and top combos that just had so much sass and spunk that there wasn’t really anything “Sloane-y” about them. My favourite one was a black and white combination (did I say I love monochrome?) with amazing lace and brocade detail. If this had been a dress, it would have been such a formal dress. By splitting it into a high waisted skirt and crop top, they added all the sass without losing any of the gorgeous, “princess-y” nature of the dress. And even tomboys occasionally like to feel like a princess. Just a princess with extra sass and spunk.


On to the shopping

After the show, Mum and I hit the Mall for food and shopping. Once we had fuelled back up at Cafe Rouge on steak and burger (Mum was so happy that they had gluten-free burgers), the shopping began. From White Stuff and Phase Eight through to Paperchase, we definitely spoilt ourselves. I think our best buy was Mum’s longline grey knitted waistcoat from Phase Eight. She’s not the tallest lady but the longline of the waistcoat definitely lengthened her body. Plus it was downright comfy but smart for when she’s at work in the office. We also had to pop into Hotel Chocolat and I came out with a tiny bottle of cocoa gin. I haven’t tried it yet but I cannot wait. Chocolate and gin… It’s got to be good, right?


Bye Bye Bristol Fashion Week

And that’s it for now when it comes to CC.CC.’s relationship with Bristol Fashion Week. I’ve been to four shows now and each one has been absolutely amazing. I want to give a massive shout out to Gina, who contacts all the bloggers each time round to invite them to the shows. She is not only a total pro when it comes to PR and social media- bloggers can just be awkward- but she was also the first Bristol blogger that I met. If it hadn’t been for Gina and BFW, I have no idea whether I would have come across #BlogClub and the amazing blogging community in an incredible city. So massive thanks to Gina and BFW for being a big part of CounterCultural. CounterCouture.’s early years.




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I was invited to Bristol Fashion Week SS16 as a guest of The Mall, Cribbs Causeway. All opinions are my own.

Photo credits: Gina Jones (not including the photo of my mum)

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