Bath Christmas Market

A little bit late due to some technical difficulties but I thought I would share some photos of the Bath Christmas market with all of you. An annual event, I managed to buy all but three of my presents here. On the look out for something different, it’s definitely the place to go. However, it probably says something about me, my family and friends that most of the gifts were food/drink-based.

My first stop was the Fudge Kitchen chalet, which was along this road.
They even had a carousel, though it lacked children to ride it. (Possibly due to shopping on a Wednesday)
I discovered several incredible drinks and condiments. From toffee vodka to chilli jam.

I had to have at least one mince pie. You wouldn’t believe the number of chalets selling them with various mulled drinks.

The abbey square was humming with shoppers and vendors.

More humming, festive crowds. Definitely involved a bit of squeezing through any available gap.

Had to take a photo of this guy. He barely moved from this position all day!

Mmmmm, lunch! I’m not veggie but sometimes it’s more appealing than the meat alternative. Butternut squash, mushroom, leek and butterbean stew with thick creamy mash! Yum!
This guy was my favourite vendor. Selling toffoc, toffee vodka, with a smile. I think I got at least three free samples!

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