Article Review: Discover Your Happy Weight By Thinking Like A Man

Happy New Weight

I know what you’re all thinking… losing weight by thinking like a man is crazy! All they focus on when weight is an issue is gaining it in muscle. But apparently that is not entirely true… in fact, many of the tactics men use to get in shape also allow women to tone up. And leave it to Look to bust the myths about finding your happy weight.

  1. Pump iron
    • First up is what exercise you should be doing. Like every young lady out there I like to do my pilates and cardio, a bit of toning, or even swimming. But apparently we should be out there pumping iron too. Look quoted Rachel Woolston saying “Pumping iron creates more muscle tissue, which means you burn more calories.” Anything that burns more calories sounds like good news to me. So I guess that means I’ll be using the weight sections of my exercise videos and giving the aerobics a miss more often.
  2. Shake it up
    • Protein shakes! Yes ladies, you heard Look right. Those barrels of powder are apparently our new “dieting BFF”, especially if you’re a breakfast skipper. Though I don’t fall into that particular category (mmmm, yogurt and cereal), I can understand the appeal in terms of staying full till lunch. Ever wonder why a full English is so filling? It’s all that protein taking forever to digest. So when you can have a shake that does the same without the calories, what’s not to jump at? I might even make the trip to Tesco to buy a sample at £1.89.
  3. Don’t get totes emosh
    • Emotional eating is the downfall of many a woman. Nutritionist, Kim Pearson suggests keeping a food diary and noting how you feel when you have something to eat. The aim is to find any patterns in your eating habits. However, if you’re anything like me, the idea of writing down what you eat and how you feel every single time is one thing too many on the eternal to-do list. But that doesn’t mean we can avoid the emotional eating issue. We can still figure out our emotional button and put ourselves back in the driving seat. 
  4. Swerve the salad
    • “The days of joyless salad are over.” How many of us have longed to hear that phrase? For years I have lived off salads for packed lunches, trying to find ways to liven them up (as I work outside mostly and I’m tight, I live on instant pasta and rice meals to keep me warm). But, as my mum has discovered, losing weight isn’t about the lettuce and cucumber that I used to pile into my lunch box. Instead it is all about the chicken, ham and tuna that we favour for our protein. Providing it’s lean, it’ll keep you fuller for longer, allowing you to get a bit leaner 😉 (But don’t think that means you can totally ignore the broccoli and peas.)
  5. Go for a group goal
    • Who else out there hates team sports? Apart from netball for social reasons, I hated team sports at secondary school. There is nothing fun about a bunch of unfit girls being forced to practice drills in the English rain. However, a group goal does not always mean a typical team sport. At university I took up trampolining, though back problems have stopped me continuing. While not a typical team sport, entering a competition as part of a team does provide a group goal. And when you’re spending two hours laughing with a group of friends who are all aiming for the same thing, motivation to join in skyrockets. So take it from me, find a sport that intrigues you and give it a go. You never know what will happen.

So that is my take on Look‘s weight loss advice. What do you think? Any experiences trying some of these suggestions you could share?

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