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Article of the Week: The Week Hair Chalks Went Stellar

Hair chalk, £2.99

So back to something a little bit more superficial than my last couple of AotWs. According to Look, this week hair chalk took off as a trend. It does make me laugh when I see articles like this as I’m pretty sure that Look have been suggesting hair chalk as an alternative way to add colour to your hair since the summer. I have to agree that it would be a great look for a festival or party where crazy hair would be fabulous. I just question the practicality of it with the apparent need to gel/wax your hair beforehand and then spray it after. On top of my normal faff with choosing an outfit and then make up and hair style quandaries, I think that hair chalk will be too much for my standard Christmas party. I’ll stick to deciding whether or not to dip dye my ends red instead.

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