AOTW: The Purple Diet Getting US Women In A Frenzy

Tasty purple aubergines (source:

Ok, I know I have done a fair view posts on healthy eating and fad diets. I like to think that I don’t encourage unhealthy dieting but present a relatively unbiased review of any articles on them. But I’m afraid that there is a new one taking the USA by storm. The Purple Diet! Oh yes, women are now restricting their diet to only purple foods.

According to Look, humble purple foods are full of natural chemicals that improve cardiovascular health and fight cancer. Plus, those who have followed the purple plan claim “they have lots more energy after… just a few days.” So far, so good. And who doesn’t want to eat grapes and berries everyday. That just sounds yummy to me… though my sister and I have been accused of grape-addiction in the past.

But as yummy as living of lilac and violet veggies sound, there is a down side to such a narrow diet. Dr. Shawn Talbot encourages the opposite of the one-colour plate. Encouraging people to ‘eat a rainbow’ of food in order to consume a wide range of antioxidants. Yes, colours and antioxidants go hand in hand in the food world. So eating your greens really does help as do your purples, so long as you eat your reds, oranges, yellows and blues too.

Have you tried out any new diets? How did they turn out?

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