AotW: Introducing the New Menswear Collection

I have a shocking announcement to make…
… For the second week running, Look has been pipped to the post by another magazine for Article of the Week. This week I’ve picked on the free (I couldn’t resist) M&S Magazine that was available in the changing room while I tried on new gym clothes. The article that really caught my eye was their feature on the new menswear collection, designed by Tony O’Connor
David Gandy in the Marks & Spencer campaign (Source: Daily Mail)
I was brought up on M&S from a young age and I still frequently buy everything from sports bras to jeans from it. However, despite my love for their womenswear collection, I am somewhat unfamiliar with their menswear department. That is if you don’t include my father’s wardrobe. But reading through the interviews with Tony O’Connor and David Gandy, the collection’s face, upped my curiosity. So I thought I would share some of my favourite comments with you.
“…there’s a strong British reference coming through in everything. There’s also some really sharp tailoring in the Savile Row collection. The trends translate overall into a really confident and modern British look.”

 This was the answer that O’Connor gave to his last question, “And the trends?” It sums up the thing I love the most about M&S. It’s a British institution that continuously updates itself without every losing it’s timeless appeal to every generation. So it only makes sense that their own collections should take that identity and work it into the clothes. And men’s clothes don’t get much more British or timeless than Savile Row tailoring! 

“I’ve always thought that Britain was the king of individuality. From Carnaby Street to Savile Row to the London dandy to Vivienne Westwood.”

This was David Gandy’s description of British style and I really agree with him… mostly. When you see people who really care about the way they dress and what it says, in Britain that normally equates to individuality. However, when you walk down the high street in a small town, the majority of people dress in a jeans/jumper/coat/t-shirt ensemble with boots or flats depending on the season. I am just as guilty of the jeans safety trap as any other. But David Gandy is right. Britain is the world leader on individuality and it’s time we started showcasing it!

   “The sartorial Savile Row man is how I see an English gentleman and I don’t think that will ever change.”

This is the final quote and continues David Gandy’s description of British style. I love it because it sums up what every girl expects an English gentleman to look like. And let’s face it ladies, who doesn’t like a man in a well-tailored suit. Every man looks better suited and booted, so it’s little wonder that the English gentleman should be too. 

So there you are, the top three quotes summing up the very British quality of the new M&S menswear collection. Well done Tony O’Connor and David Gandy, you have done your nation proud!

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