AOTW: Instant Style Nine To Five

A long, long, long time ago I put a photo on Instagram announcing that I would soon be out of a uniform. In other words, I would be starting a new job and able to wear my own clothes. Due to various complications, I have yet to start my new job and will be wearing my fetching uniform for a little longer. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t drool over InStyle‘s ‘your work look’ section in their November issue. It was the Instant Style that caught my eye; in particular two looks that I could definitely see myself in. Introducing the Waistcoat and the Skirt


WHY IT WORKS This is your wardrobe lifesaver- sling one on over pretty much ANY outfit and it becomes office wear. Winner.
TIP A contrasting lapel adds a high fashion edge.

So why do I like a good waistcoat? Firstly, there is the whole nipping at the waist and suiting hourglass girls in a way that is not overtly girly. Effectively, it provides just the right amount of androgyny. As an item of office wear- step away from lace, denim or leather biker styles- it does instantly smarten up an outfit. Just think of the opportunities. You’ve had an awful night and can’t bear the idea of a pencil skirt and heels. A comfortable dress and flats becomes instantly more office friendly by throwing on a waistcoat with it.


WHY IT WORKS This graphic print taps into a/w 2014’s… trend. Don’t feel like you HAVE to wear a shirt- a chunky sweater can actually be way more flattering.
TIP Chic black accessories smarten up knitwear.
Since graduating, I have fallen in love the way that even the quirkiest pencil skirts are acceptable as a smart-casual option. Their shape is fantastic the lady who is proud of her behind/waist/legs/any part of her lower body. Unless they have a back slit, they can be a little bit difficult to walk in. But they are the ultimate in ladylike office wear as they practically scream femininity. This grey polka dot one above is perfect as it is slightly quirky but the colours keep it office-friendly. 
Those are my two favourite outfit ideas courtesy of InStyle‘s November issue. I cannot wait to eventually get out of uniform and start experimenting with my workwear wardrobe. How about you? Any tips on what works in an office an what doesn’t? Or maybe you, like me, are still wearing a uniform to work. Let me know.


All text in purple is from InStyle November 2014 p. 113 and p.115

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