AOTW: “How My Jobless Blog Got Me A Job!”

Jobless/Part-time Blogger? Keep going, you never know… (

Any unemployed bloggers out there? Because today’s article review is for you! You’re probably now reading this simply to scoff at someone else’s attempt to give you advice. I would have done the same thing six months ago before becoming a steward at one of Britain’s most prestigious heritage sites (yes, I can now make dogsbody sound posh). It was also six months (and three days) ago that I started writing Counter-cultural. Counter-couture. as something to do with my free time. And like any new blogger, I was filled with hopes of being read by some bigwig editor/PR agency who would snatch me up to write/publicise/work for them. Half a year later and I’m still writing though the dream hasn’t become a reality.

However, Erica Buist has managed to fulfill that dream and find employment though blogging. The irony… she blogged about being jobless. Another graduate who had become exhausted with the rounds of education,applications and internships so many go through, she began posting joke tips on How to Be Jobless. Her article in Look gives an insight in to how just how important her blog came to her way of approaching life (something I can appreciate), to the extent that she tried to “screw up an interview for blog fodder.” Yet, in the midst of her unique and creative approach to a common situation, she “accidentally created something that made [her] worth a punt.” If we ever needed proof that being creative and doing ‘your own thing’ was a good lifestyle, I think Erica Buist is possibly it.

All in all, Erica has convinced me to not just keep blogging but to see it as a viable part of what I have to offer prospective employers. If one blogger can gain her dream job, then so can a second. But until my dream employer comes knocking, I’ll be making blogging more like an office job by drinking (fruit)tea “37 times a day”*.

*One of Erica’s tips for surviving joblessness.
All quotes are from Erica’s article for Look 21st April 2014

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