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Vintage Bronze Retro Quartz Pocket Watch Clock Necklace Chain Steampunk Antique by

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Antique Style Vintage BronzeSteampunk Quartz Mechanical Pocket Watch Chain Gift by Ifwins2008 

Recently I have seen countless watches all over the place, from blogs to magazines and even the local charity shops. And as I work in a job that involves visitor interaction continuously, there is a strict no mobiles policy so keeping track of the time without a watch is somewhat tricky. These two factors have combined to make me go slightly watch crazy. So I automatically turned to ebay for inspiration.

However, as you’ve probably guessed from the pictures, I’m not after a standard wriststrap watch. When you have a minimum of four cuffs to peel back to look at a watch face, knowing the time suddenly becomes rather impractical. And there is always the “on the edge”, blurred influence that steampunk/gothic subculture has on my wardrobe… So a pocket watch has become both the alternative yet practical solution to my time issues.

These are three different choices I’ve found on ebay and each one satisfies my practical requests (telling the time and on a chain). My favourite is the one with the fairy on the cover in the bottom picture (left hand side, second row) but unfortunately it has sold out. And yes I know, it’s uncharacteristically girly for me. My other options are a closer call but my heart is turning me towards to bronze ‘Big Rose’ in the top picture. I just love the detailing of the rose, particularly the side view rather than a face-on view… 

…Something tells me that I’ve found my watch. But what do you guys think? I’m straying down the wrong path or making a practical choice for a life with too many coat/shirt cuffs?

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