Launched from not-so-deep rural Britain as a companion for those struggling to love modest style, CC.CC. has become a place of refuge for girls who want to discover what God wants for them. Even if that means living counter to their culture.

Being a girl today, it can often feel like everything is a problem challenge. Being a Christian girl, it can feel like those problems challenges are always growing. You are not the only one who feels like that! CC.CC. is all about showing how loving your wardrobe, fridge and life doesn’t have to stop you serving Christ each and everyday.

Love experimenting with styles but believe you will be told they are “not appropriate”?
Want to live a “clean eating” lifestyle but you crack every time you see cake?
Trying to live out what the Bible says when really you just to be a “strong, independent woman”?
While CC.CC. won’t provide all the answers you want, you will find advice from a friend who is always asking herself these questions everyday.

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Hang on a minute… Who are you?

I’m glad you asked. I’m Katy and I’ve been blogging since I was a 15 year old jeans-and-hoodie devotee, though my previous blogs were more of the angst-ridden-teenage-diary variety. After realising this wasn’t necessarily a good idea, I decided to change tack and use blogging to be a positive voice instead. It was during this time that I also became more interested in modest style and how the Bible could shape my wardrobe. When I discovered that every modest style blog I came across was from the USA, I realised that British girls were missing out. Two years on, my interest in how the Bible can influence my style has developed in to a passion that doesn’t just encompass the clothes I wear but also the food I eat and the life I lead.

Katy chilling out in her pyjamas with a cup of fruit tea and a good book.

However, as with any blogger, there is more to me than you see on CC.CC. So here are 10 facts about Katy…

  • I’m a sucker for anything for a bit different to the high street, from charity shops through to goth and rockabilly styles. My collection of Doc Martens is set to keep growing.
  • I cooked my first meal somewhere between 8 and 10 years old (it was a long time ago), although I think I had a little bit of help.The Perfect CounterCultural Shoe

  • I’m a bit of a history geek (I have the degree to prove it), so fell in love with Old Testament stories when I was a kid. There is nothing like a tale of suspense and hope to get the heart pumping.
  • I’m also a bit of a superhero geek, proven by the Batman artwork hanging over my bed and the Smallville collection I’m two seasons away from completing. I even did a DC inspired outfit post!
  • I have repetitive strain injury, which means I can’t blog as much as I’d like too.
  • I had mild depression while at university.
  • I used to live near Cambridge. You can take the girl out the Fens but you can’t take the Fens out of the girl.
  • I’m hoping to do a Masters in Public Humanities.
  • I try to only buy jewellery that is ethical, fair-trade or from charity shops. You can read more about it here.
  • I love dressing in denim, drinking interesting tea, munching cookies and reading fantasy.

If any of this rings a bell with you, why not stick around. Maybe even make a new friend or two?

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