A Week at Counter-Cultural Cottage

Yes, I do live in a cottage of sorts- complete with a hole in the roof at the moment. But that is not the point of this post. Rather I’m here to apologise for the lack of post, including no OOTD yesterday. I’ve been incredibly busy with work and applications though that is no excuse. However, last Monday was my birthday so I feel that gives me a decent excuse I feel.
But never fear my lovelies, I will be sharing my adventures with you as soon as I’m recovered from my trip to Cambridge. I’ve been treated to Midnight in Paris by Fee along with a vintage fair. But more of that to come next week.
If you keep your eyes open, I’ll also be sharing my birthday adventure at Frome Independent market. The afternoon was fantastic and I have never had such amazing roast potatoes. We also had a right giggle at the price of metal buckets in the vintage market. I’ll be sharing photos of it along with my birthday outfit.
So those have been my adventures of late. I’ll be sharing them with you in the next week, along with my upcoming trip to London. (The main reason may be an interview but any chance to visit the capital should be seized by the horns.)
Until then, I shall wish you all adieu while I sleep off a weekend of Cambridge’s cultural and commercial sights.

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