A Tale of Two Jumpers

It’s cold and it’s dark here in deepest darkest Wiltshire. And I have to confess that doing outfit shoots in the cold and dark. But it also means that jumper season is at it’s height so instead of a outfit post, I thought I would share my two newest jumpers with you. However, I do apologise for the slightly rushed photos. December just gets far too busy!

My first new jumper isn’t exactly up the Christmas theme though I can say it has definite links to the reason for the season. (Cheesiest Christian Christmas quote ever!) One of the youth groups I help with is attached to my parents’ church and we were given the opportunity to order group hoodies. Little bit nostalgic as I’m sure everyone remembers ordering team hoodies for D.o.E expeditions and school leavers. Each hoodie has a personal quote on the back so I chose one to compliment the blog. ‘Unfading Beauty’ comes from 1 Peter 3 v3-4, which you may remember I looked at earlier this year (here). I love how it’s a reminder to myself that I am beautiful, even when I can’t see it. I hope that it might serve as a reminder to those who see me wearing it, or at least that it’s controversial enough to provoke conversation.

My second jumper is indeed my first ever Christmas jumper! Yes, I have indeed embraced the Christmas sartorial trend. While I get incredibly frustrated with the commericalisation of Christmas- selling decorations before Halloween is over, really!- I am much more embracing of the festive spirit this year. I’ve always been a little dubious of the novelty jumpers and liked the alpine patterns more as I could wear them all winter long. I found this one in Peacocks today while wandering around town and thought it was the perfect compromise. Novelty enough to be suitable for silly Christmas photos but winter-generic enough to live beyond the 12 Days of Christmas. And isn’t the stag just the most majestic scene you could have on a Christmas jumper! Plus it’s long enough to wear with leggings, so come Christmas day I’ll be in my faux-leathers paired with my white shirt collar poking out over my jumper. Cute, novelty and tough. I just hope there is enough stretch for Christmas dinner.


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