A Tale of Henges, Castles and Windswept Hair

My mission to find a way of wind proofing my hair continues, as this photo shows quite clearly. Though a fan of the side swept fringe, when exploring Stonehenge and Old Sarum with a friend last Monday I decided that having it blown in my eyes continuously just might ruin my view. Thus enters the kirby grip. Long the essential tool of a ballerina bun, the kirby allows me to keep my fringe mostly pinned back until the winds on Salisbury Plain came. But at least it allowed me to see two historical monuments, crucial to the history of Wiltshire.
Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain
Standing by the outer wall of Old Sarum Castle. You can just see the cathedral outline.
Stonehenge is potentially England’s most famous heritage monument and is currently the focus of a massive rebuild. Having now been round I would definitely recommend a visit but wait until 18 December when the new visitor centre opens. The audio tour is great but if you want to know some of the more unusual facts about the monument, check out the exhibition. To wet your interest, my personal favourite is that the architect, Sir Christopher Wren, graffitied one of the stones with his initial. Not to mention that it’s also an ex-fairy pizza parlour… according to Eoin Colfer in his first Artemis Fowl book.
Old Sarum is much less well-known but is worth a visit, especially if you have children in need of expending energy. The site of the original settlement, before Salisbury was built, the castle and cathedral ruins make for fantastic exploring (and photo shoot opportunities). However, it does lack an audio tour so for those who are intrigued by the ruins I would advise a trip to Salisbury Museum as their exhibit on the settlement has all you need to know.

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